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i'm here to show you this really awesome app ...

XFINITY TV Go App Review

With XFINITY's TV Go app you can watch live TV shows and movies on your device or on your TV. You can also download TV shows and movies to your phone ...

Comcast Xfinity TV Go app on Nexus Player Android TV

Comcast Xfinity TV Go on Android TV- Nexus Player Real example on FullHD TV (42'') 1080p. Connected via HDMI and Wifi. Video shot in 4K resolution.

Nvidia Shield xfinity App Fix!

Nvidia Shield xfinity app fix: Learn how to fix the latest update from xfinity that made their app stop working on the Nvidia Shield.

Comcast XfinityTV App Reivew For android

in this review i take a look at The Comcast Xfinity Tv app its awesome for watching tv i got 519 ********* S U B S C R I B E ...

Nvidia Shield TV and the new Xfinity TV app: Brief Showcase

Updated with volume boost. I share which version of the Xfinity TV app, currently, works when sideloaded onto the Nvidia Shield TV and give a brief showcase.

Demo of Xfinity X1 Cloud DVR iOS App

Just launched in Boston, the X1 cloud DVR takes the notion of "TV Everywhere" to the next level. Full review at: ...


Xfinity TV Remote App Review

Using your smartphone or tablet to control your television can be easy and convenient. Comcast offers the Xfinity TV Remote App that allows you to change ...

This Might Give You Faster Internet

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